MAPEI Planiseal ESP: A Game-Changer in Controlling Moisture & pH Below Finished Flooring

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MAPEI Planiseal ESP (PRNewsFoto/Specified Surfaces)

Specified Surfaces announced the launch of Planiseal ESP in collaboration with MAPEI Americas on December 22, 2015. Planiseal ESP is a water-based, single component coating that dramatically reduces surface preparation requirements and the associated costs. The coating brings high moisture and pH slabs into compliance for floor covering installation.

“With the introduction of MAPEI Planiseal ESP we are eliminating the need for shot blasting and other time and cost consuming mechanical surface profiling processes associated with ASTM F3010-13 products and requirements,” said James Longo, National Account Manager, Specified Surfaces.

“ESP will handle most typical moisture-related project challenges, offering the floor covering installer a value engineered means to specification compliance with the ability to deliver clients a warrantable installation.”

Designed to cost-effectively manage moisture and alkalinity up to 95%RH (ASTM F2170) 12lbs MVER (ASTM F1869) and 12pH (ASTM F710), Planiseal ESP (Encapsulator, Sealer and pH blocker) will be distributed exclusively by Specified Surfaces.

“Traditionally, moisture mitigation has been an all or nothing process that includes shot blasting, epoxies and cementitious materials at an installed cost of three or four times that of employing Planiseal ESP,” Longo added.

“While the 3010-13 products definitely have their place, Planiseal ESP will offer significant cost savings by allowing direct application of standard water-based glues without the use of primers, patches, skims or levelers over the moisture control coating… giving floor covering installers greater control of costs, schedule and application.”

After their successful collaboration launching Planiseal MVR in 2010 through an exclusive distribution model (resulting in more than five million square feet of Planiseal MVR warranted projects world-wide), MAPEI and Specified Surfaces have jointly developed Planiseal ESP to go to market utilizing the same model.

MAPEI Planiseal ESP is only available through Specified Surfaces to commercial flooring contractors for professional installation.

About Specified Surfaces

Specified Surfaces Concrete Moisture Vapor SystemsFounded in 1997, Specified Surfaces of New Smryna Beach, Florida has distributed more than twenty million square feet of warranted moisture control systems to commercial contractors on projects in the US and abroad. Focusing primarily on institutional and commercial applications, Specified Surfaces works closely with architects and owners to develop warranted solutions to challenging flooring related design-build issues. Recognized as an industry expert in moisture and related flooring conditions, Specified Surfaces is a member of NAFCD and registered AIA provider delivering educational CEU programs to the AD community as well as trade groups, general contractors, flooring contractors and engineers.

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Game-changer Give-Away (PRNewsFoto/Specified Surfaces)


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Concrete Moisture Mitigation at University of Miami Dining Facilities

concrete moisture mitigation for University of Miami

University of Miami students discovered renovated dining facilities at the Coral Gables campus when they returned to school in the fall of 2014. The university hired construction experts to renovate the Whitten University Center and the Hecht-Stanford Dining Hall during summer break.

Professional Surface Installations or PSI provided concrete surface prep and moisture mitigation expertise to the institutional project. Read on to learn more about the process.

Concrete Vapor Barrier Systems for Educational Institutions & Dining Facilities

moisture vapor barriers for concrete floors

Project: University Of Miami Whitten University Center & Hecht-Stanford Cafeteria
Project Type: University Dining Facilities – Educational Institution
Location: 1350 Miller Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33124. Miami-Dade County
Contractor: Terstep
Flooring Contractor: Certified Floorcovering Services, Inc.
Surface Prep Contractor: PSI Inc. Chicago
Project Size: 35,000 sq. ft.
Vapor Barrier Systems: MAPEI
Flooring Project: The University of Miami hired architectural and construction professionals to design and renovate the Dining Facilities at Hecht-Stanford Dining Hall.

Professional Surface Installations (PSI Inc.) provided concrete surface preparation services along with moisture mitigation using MAPEI products provided by Specified Surfaces Inc. PSI’s selection of exotic woods, ceramic tile, carpet tile, glass stone and athletic rubber flooring adorn the flooring and walls within the food court and cafeteria.

As concrete moisture mitigation experts, PSI was also contracted to measure water vapor emissions in the concrete substrates and reduce high humidity readings in order to prepare the concrete for floor covering installation.

Concrete Moisture Control Products by Mapei:

Planiseal MVR – High performance epoxy moisture barrier for concrete substrates. Used for concrete slabs that exhibit high moisture vapor emission rates. Penetrates into substrate while at the same time creating a solid layer to reduce moisture transmission.

Primer T – General purpose primer for self-leveling underlayments. Enhances adhesion on non-absorbent surfaces such as tile and epoxy moisture barriers. Also works for absorbent surfaces and suitable for multiple substrates. Low odor and easy to apply.

Novoplan 2 Plus – High strength & quick cure self-leveling cement underlayment for interior concrete floors.

concrete floor surface preparation & moisture mitigation by PSI Inc.Scope of Moisture Mitigation Work:

1. Surface preparation – clean, grind & repair concrete surface.
2. Planiseal VS Application – PSI coated floors with epoxy coating specially designed to act as moisture vapor barrier for concrete flooring.
3. Cap Plainseal VS – PSI leveled the floors before installation of floor coverings by prepping floor with Primer T.
4. Apply self-leveling underlayment – Next, the moisture mitigation experts pumped Novoplan 2 Plus as an underlayment.

Professional Surface Installations was able to assist the contracting team with providing a complete and guaranteed moisture mitigation system for the University of Miami. To learn more about their services, give PSI a call or send an email via our contact form.

You may also learn more about concrete moisture mitigation for the University of Miami institutional project by visiting the Mapei reference for the University of Miami Dining Facility project.


Concrete Vapor Barrier for Cleveland Clinic Weston Florida

When Cleveland Clinic needed to renovate its campus in Weston, Florida, moisture mitigation for their concrete floors was at the top of plans to create a safe and hygienic environment for their patients, visitors and staff.

moisture mitigation for medical center concrete floors

Concrete Vapor Barrier Systems for Medical Facilities

Concrete floors require special attention for any new construction or renovation project at hospitals and medical centers. To mitigate moisture and strengthen concrete, slabs undergo special preparation prior to installing and finishing cement, tile, carpet or epoxy resin systems.

Without the proper concrete vapor barriers in place, floor coverings may fail or even increase the risk of mold and mildew growth. Even more importantly, medical facilities typically cannot shut down their operations to allow time for traditional concrete to dry and cure. That’s where moisture mitigation expertise becomes necessary for fast track construction projects that require quick drying of concrete.

Specified Surfaces and PSI Inc. provided the concrete experts and products to control moisture and balance concrete alkalinity.

Moisture Mitigation Project Details

Project: Cleveland Clinic FAST TRACK NICI
Client: Cleveland Clinic, 2950 Cleveland Clinic Blvd, Weston, Florida, 33331. Broward County.
Contractor: Turner Construction Company
Flooring Contractor: Resource 4 Floors
Subcontractor: PSI Inc., Fort Myers, Florida. View contact information.
Floor Installation Systems Supplier: Specified Surfaces, New Smyrna Beach, FL. View contact details.
Project Size: 102,000 sq. ft.
Flooring Project: The medical center needed concrete moisture mitigation so that their renovation construction plans could proceed on schedule with limited downtime.

Concrete Moisture Control Products by Mapei:

Planiseal MVR – High performance epoxy moisture barrier for concrete substrates. Used for concrete slabs that exhibit high moisture vapor emission rates. Penetrates into substrate while at the same time creating a solid layer to reduce moisture transmission.

Primer T – General purpose primer for self-leveling underlayments. Enhances adhesion on non-absorbent surfaces such as tile and epoxy moisture barriers. Also works for absorbent surfaces and suitable for multiple substrates. Low odor and easy to apply.

Novoplan 710SL Specialty Underlayment at 3/16” – High strength & quick cure self-leveling cement underlayment for interior concrete floors.

Scope of Moisture Mitigation Service:

  1. Mechanically prepare concrete. Surface preparation includes clean and repair as well as grinding.
  2. Apply Planiseal MVR.
  3. Apply Primer T.
  4. Apply Novoplan 710 SL.
  5. Supervision

Concrete Moisture Barriers for Fresenius Medical Care Centers

Concrete Moisture Vapor Barriers Florida

Moisture mitigation for medical facilities is an important component in construction time lines. With more projects in fast track status, there is much less time for drying of concrete slabs. Proper concrete slab moisture humidity and RH levels must be at the proper levels to ensure proper flooring installation performance.

That’s why Fresenius Medical Care decided on concrete vapor barrier systems by Specified Surfaces for their numerous locations in Minnesota and Florida.

Concrete Vapor Barrier Project Details

Property Type: Medical
Client: Fresnius Medical Care provides 2,200 dialysis facilities plus outpatient cardiac & vascular labs as well as care for chronic illnesses in the United States and globally.
Project Locations: Minnesota (Minneapolis, Plymouth and Dundas); Florida (Boynton Beach, Delray, Sunrise, Cutler Bay, Coral Gables and Fort Lauderdale)
Project Size: Approximately 5,000 SF at each location.
Product Supplier: Specified Surfaces Contact: James Longo (386) 547-6943. Exclusive supplier for various concrete moisture vapor barrier products used in the projects mentioned here. See product list below.
Installer: PSI Inc. specializes in warrantied moisture mitigation systems for concrete slabs nationwide. Contact: Will McClain (239) 851-4047.
Products: Mapei Moisture Alkalinity Control System including Planiseal MVR, Primer T and Novoplan 710-SL.

Moisture Control System Products Summary

Planiseal MVR
Moisture Reduction Epoxy and alkalinity barrier. 100% solids coating. Allows for fast track construction for finished flooring.

Primer T
Primer applied over Planiseal MVR. Product used before installation of self leveling underlayments.

Novoplan 710 SL
Installation follows Primer T application. Installation at 3/8 to 1/2 inch thickness to create a smooth, level underlayment.

Project Details

  1. Moisture Vapor Emission Barriers Move all furniture and equipment on floor.
  2. Protect all non-movable equipment with plastic.
  3. Remove cover base.
  4. Remove VCT tile with ride-on scraper.
  5. Grind concrete floor to remove glue from tile.
  6. Shot blast concrete.
  7. Vacuum floor to remove all dust.
  8. Apply Mapei Planiseal MVR.
  9. Apply Mapei Primer T.
  10. Apply Mapei Novoplan 710 SL Self-Leveling Underlayment.

national flooring contractor Smyrna Beach, FloridaAbout Specified Surfaces

Specified Surfaces is an exclusive distributor of Mapei concrete moisture vapor products. They work closely with architects, general contractors and installers to develop systems and processes typical in fast track construction projects. Specified provides inventory control and technical support enabling projects to move along at a controlled pace for completion. Many projects are completed in phases making the inventory and scheduling a critical component in the construction process.

Commercial concrete construction ChicagoAbout PSI Inc.

PSI Inc. (Professional Surface Installations) specializes in concrete moisture vapor barrier installations nationwide for hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, schools and airports as well as various commercial and industrial facilities. Projects range in size from 5,000 SF to over 1 million SF.


Floor Solutions: Polished Concrete Grinding Atlanta Georgia

Grind and Seal Concrete Floors Atlanta Georgia

Concrete grinding and sealing project for high moisture cement slab by AAA Southern.

Balfour Beatty Construction Atlanta Division retained AAA Southern to complete 36,000-square-foot commercial flooring project for apartments.

Project Summary: Polished Concrete Grinding & Sealing for Floors

Concrete Contractor: Southern States Refinishing
Property Type:
 Twelve (12) apartment buildings
Project Size: 36,000 SF
Scope of Project: Diamond grind and seal concrete floors with pigmented sealer

Problem: High moisture in slab foundation. Each floor looked extremely wet even after using a squeegee. Contractor set up large fans to dry the concrete for each phase of the project. The original plan was to grind floor with 70-grit diamond blades. However, due to paint and construction adhesives on the floor, AAA Southern needed to use a course 30-grit ceramic grinding blade to remove blemishes and prep the surface.

Solution: AAA Southern sealed concrete floors in phases over 2 months. They worked on sealing 3,000 SF of concrete flooring at a time. The team repaired cracks and sealed with H & C colored breathable sealer. This moisture vapor barrier product solved the moisture issue and allowed moisture vapor to pass through the sealer.

Products: Sherwin Williams H & C Solid Color Concrete sealer. It is a solvent-based, deep-penetrating concrete floor and wall sealer.

Grind and Seal Concrete Flooring Atlanta Georgia


Find concrete contractors for moisture vapor barrier floor solutions for polished concrete floors by visiting our dedicated “Find a Commercial Contractor” page. Search by listings in your state to get the professional help you need for your next project.


Healthcare Moisture Vapor Barrier for Concrete Slabs

Heathcare Moisture Vapor System

PSI Inc.  completed another moisture vapor barrier system to new concrete slabs at Froedtert Medical College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Case Study Moisture Mitigation

Moisture Vapor System Details

General Contractor: Mortenson Construction, a midwest general contractor specializing in healthcare, contracted for work at the Froedtert Medical College in Milwauke.e

Moisture Vapor Installer: Mortensen contracted PSI Inc. (Professional Surface Installations) to perform moisture mitigation and to create a moisture vapor barrier. Contact Will McClain

Project Size: The size of the project encompassed a total of approximately 120,000 square feet.

Time to Complete: Ongoing in phases.

Concrete Moisture Mitigation Vapor Systems for Hospitals

Scope of Project: Froedert Medical started as a 5-story project with an additional 3 stories to handle growth over the next few years.

New concrete slabs, though hard within 24 hours, still maintain moisture that can take 2 years to work out. To prevent flooring failure and keep project moving at a fast track, PSI Inc. shot blasts and diamond grinds the floor. The process is then followed by capping the moisture vapor with 100% solids Mapei epoxy along with the installation of self-leveling cement underlayment.

Moisture Vapor Barrier System: Project Steps

1. Shotblast Surface
2. Grind Surface – Remove high spots
3. Apply Mapei Planiseal Epoxy
4. Apply Mapei Eco PrimGrip
5. Mapei Novoplan 1 – Self Leveling system

About PSI Inc.

PSI installs warrantied moisture mitigation vapor systems for healthcare facilities nationwide. Additionally, they provide concrete surface prep services, polishing , epoxy and decorative flooring for office buildings, shopping centers, big box retail centers, airplane hangars and airports. They are based in Chicago, Illinois and Cape Coral, Florida.


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