NYC Hedge Fund Chooses Decorative Concrete Floors

Hudson Concrete Polsihing NYC

Paul Huneck owner of Hudson Concrete Polishing continues to lead the way in New York City with his signature floor style.

The one featured here are the offices of a highly successful Hedge Fund in Manhattan. This project is testimony to Hunecks eye for design and quality of each New York stained concrete floor.

These floors are in demand by celebrities for their luxury apartments, high end retail brands for their Madison Avenue stores, Corporate offices and many more.

Hudson is located in Long Island City with a showroom minutes from Manhattan via the Midtown Tunnel.

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Hudson Concrete Manhattan

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polished concrete New York City

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Polished Concrete Grind and Seal Rabun County Georgia

When the United Way Food Bank sought easy-to-maintain flooring that would also fit their budget, they turned to the experts at AAA Southern States Refinishing. John Dykes and his team recommended the use of polished concrete using a grind and seal floor system for beautiful concrete floors that would also be low maintenance for their volunteer staff.

Polished Concrete Floor Near Atlanta Georgia

The grind and seal process offers an economical variation of concrete polishing in demand nationwide. This process reduces labor with full protection from high performance sealers. The seal coats enhance the appearance with the added benefit of low maintenance.

About Polished Concrete Grind and Seal Project in Clayton GA

Concrete Polishing Grind and Seal Rabun County GeorgiaClient: United Way Food Bank

Contractor: AAA Southern States Refinishing

Location:  Rabun County, Town of Clayton, Georgia

Size: 39,000 square feet

Problem: Old floor difficult to maintain. VCT tile glue needed to be removed.

Solution: Polished concrete starting with 30 grit diamond blades to grind and remove VCT tile glue. Continue to polish and hone concrete to 150 grit diamond blade level.

Auto scrub floor to remove dust from floor prior to sealing floor.

Seal Coat: Applied 2 coats of Stamina Sealer. Contractor chose this sealer for high coverage rates, economy and solid protection. For information about Stamina Sealers, Click Here 

About AAA Southern States Refinishing

Located in the Atlanta Georgia area, AAA Southern States Refinishing specializes in concrete floor solutions. Projects include restaurants, commercial kitchens, retail stores, offices, warehouses, airplane hangars and more.

Products Include

Epoxy – Urethanes, polyaspartics, epoxies. From economical, thin mil systems to high performance Novalac chemical resistant coatings.

Concrete Polishing – Full polished concrete grind and seal systems.

Self Leveling and Overlays – Underlayments and decorative self leveling systems and thin cementious overlays.

Acid Stains – Stains, dyes and integral coloring services.

Moisture Mitigation – new concrete moisture vapor barriers including shotblasting, penetrating epoxy barriers and self-leveling underlayments.

Concrete Sealers Atlanta Georgia


Polished Concrete Floors in Alpharetta for Camp Bow Wow Doggie Day Care

The precious pups at Camp Bow Wow Doggie Day Care in Alpharetta GA have a new thing to bark about with all their puppy pals – brand new polished concrete floors by AAA Southern State Refinishing!

Camp Bow Wow hired these concrete polishing experts to provide a low maintenance concrete floor that would be easy for employees to clean without being hard on little paws.

concrete polishing in Alpharetta Georgia

Polished Concrete Floors in Atlanta Georgia for Pet Day Care Center

Client: Camp Bow Wow, 1755 Grassland Pkwy, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

Contractor: AAA Southern States Refinishing

General Contractor: G. C. Chandlee & Sons

Project Location: Alpharetta, Georgia in Fulton County

Products: NIKA Corp Lithium Densifier; Copper Bond in 50-grit & 100-grit; Prosoco Polish Guard

Concrete Flooring Problem: The dog care center needed an easy maintenance floor, and all power was shut off pending a walk-thru inspection.

Contractor’s Solution: Remove, cure, seal & polish concrete floors for Camp Bow Wow

Project Details

epoxy floors in Alpharetta GA

The general contractor, G. C. Chandlee & Sons, requested that AAA Southern States Refinishing spec an easy-to-clean, low maintenance floor for a brand-new Camp Bow Wow Doggie Day Care.

Upon arrival at the location, the AAA crew discovered that all power was cut off pending a walk-through inspection. They set up their generator to run concrete grinding equipment and strung lights in the work area since they knew it would be a late night to finish the project on time.

Steps to Seal & Polished Concrete Floors in Alpharetta Dog Day Care

1) The AAA team started with 50-grit copper bond, but quickly learned that the cure & seal would not lift from the company’s floor.
2) The contractor switched to a 20/30 metal, and after a slow walk with their big grinder, they were able to remove the old floor sealer.
3) In this step of the project, they noticed a lot of concrete removal so they saturated the floor with NIKA Corp Lithium Densifier. This mixture hardens the slab in preparation for the next phase of grinding.
4) Using 50-grit copper bond and moving up to 100-grit as the grinding continued, the AAA crew grinded the edges by hand between all steps of grinding the concrete to a fine polish.
5) They started the polishing process with 50-grit resin and polished up to 800.
6) Next, they used microfiber to apply two coats of Prosoco polish guard, and as they applied it, they burnished with each step.


Boise Cascade Chooses Polished Concrete in Salem Oregon

Smith and Company of McMinnville, Oregon completed 9,000 SF of industrial flooring for Boise Cascade, a publicly traded specialty lumber manufacturer.

Polished Concrete Salem Oregon

Concrete Polishing Contractors Salem Oregon

Concrete Polishing Project Details

Client: Boise Cascade in Salem, Oregon occupies a 150,000 square foot building. They manufacture plywood, engineered wood products, lumber and particleboard. View Boise Cascade Lumber Products

Contractor: Smith and Co. is a concrete polishing company in Salem, Oregon that offers a full line of concrete installation, repair and finishing services. Visit Smith and Company (503) 894-6099.

Project Size: 9,000 Square feet of worn concrete in need of resurfacing.

Time to Complete: 3 weeks of work on consecutive Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Each weekend, the Smith & Company team repaired and polished 3,000 square feet of the damaged flooring until the full job of 9,000 square feet of repaired flooring was complete.

Scope of Project: The concrete floors at Boise Cascade’s location were worn and dull looking. Numerous patches and cracks covered the cement. More than 30 years of constant use by large, heavy forklifts resulted in floor damage, and despite consistent attempts to improve the flooring surface with epoxies and small patches, the floor proved to be resistant to owner’s small repairs.

The Polished Concrete Process for Industrial Floors

Smith & Co used concrete polishing equipment to grind and resurface the floors. The removed the old epoxy coatings with a 16-grit diamond tooling (very coarse). Then, the team applied multiple courses of subsequent grinding using a steady supply of finer grit pads, with the finest being an 800-grit polishing pad.

During the concrete restoration process, the contractor applied  a densifier or hardener. The primary goal was to create a smooth, glossy-light reflective floor free of all blemishes. The final result? An extremely durable and easy-to-maintain floor.

About Smith and Company Painting:

Smith and Company Painting is an Oregon business family owned and operated for more than 50 years. Their concrete restoration services include installation, polish and repair and epoxy coatings along with interior and exterior painting for commercial and industrial properties.


Grind & Seal Concrete Floors at Industry City Brooklyn New York

Manhattan and Brooklyn Concrete Floors

Project- Grind & Seal Concrete, Hudson Concrete (718) 482-0850

The photo below showcases a 10,000 SF grind & seal concrete floor project completed by Hudson Concrete Polishing. Hudson, owned by Paul Huneck, is located in Long Island City, just minutes from Midtown Manhattan.

Grind and Seal Concrete Floors Brooklyn NY

The project was completed at Industry City, a massive waterfront complex of industrial buildings on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Hudson Concrete completed a grind & seal concrete floor refinishing process very popular with loft style buildings. The grind & seal process is a form of concrete polishing. Many old cement floors have many chips, cracks and blemishes from years of use without protective coatings.

The grinding process removes the top layer of the concrete, providing what looks like a new floor. Then the floor is sealed with a thick, protective epoxy sealer. The sealer fills in the blemishes with a clear coat enhancing the appearance of the old floor while maintaining an historic aesthetic.

There are other options with this process. Floors can be acid stained and dyed to produce a marbleized appearance. The clear sealers can be maintained with wax coats that are mopped on then burnished to a high shine with high speed buffers.

About Hudson Concrete Polishing New York City

Paul Huneck specializes in polished concrete floors New York City, grind and seal projects, self leveling concrete and overlays in NYC. His company has been in business for almost 15 years. During that time he has completed hundreds of projects for restaurants, retail stores, offices and luxury apartments.

Other Projects Completed by Hudson Concrete in New York

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How Polished Concrete Floors Make Facebook’s NYC Office a Better Place

When it comes to office flooring, Facebook definitely has options. Their choice of concrete as the medium for their newest office floors in New York City demonstrates how quickly fans, designers, building owners and architects popularized this latest decorative trend.

It’s certainly obvious why the social media giant would pick concrete floors. Easy maintenance. Durability. Non-slip natural appearance.

Concrete flooring is hip, cool and unique – no two floors are the same. Definitely something that aligns with this trendsetting company’s reputation for staying on the cutting-edge of technology. So why not the latest advances in concrete for their floors as well?

Hudson Concrete NYC Facebook Floors

About the same time Facebook first launched in 2004, decorative concrete also emerged as an innovative construction technique.

While Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow entrepreneurs were connecting people socially across the globe, concrete polishing and its many variations also steadily rose to prominence.

Today, polished and decorative concrete is everywhere – floors, walls, countertops and more! In fact, many concrete contractors today opine that “if you can make it, you can make it better with concrete!

Facebook hired Paul Huneck, owner of Hudson Concrete Polishing, to complete the new flooring for their NYC office space. Huneck, well-known in Manhattan for the artistry he brings to concrete, demonstrates his team’s skill with mixer and trowel in his floor creations.

This latest example of his expertise transforms plain concrete floors into visually-appealing and functional “artwork” that enhances the overall feel and design of the space.

Facebook New York City

About Facebook’s Design Choice: Concrete Floors

The team at Facebook desired a floor with a smooth, easy-to-maintain surface. The raw industrial look appealed to them so Huneck’s crew used exposed aggregate with a matte finish to enhance the natural aesthetic of the cement.

Ultimately, Facebook wanted polished concrete; however, they did not want the candy-coated look of shiny floors with highly-reflective epoxy.

Huneck’s solution to reduce shine is simple, although the technique took years to master. Using a process perfected over hundreds of projects throughout Manhattan, he filled scratches, cracks and blemishes with sealer. Then, he applied a clear epoxy designed to enhance the natural-honed surface without darkening the cement’s color.

New York City Polished Concrete

The Concrete Polishing Process

Although the process of creating a matte finish on polished concrete might sound easy, the reality is that it took Huneck years of trial and error to create the solution.

Fortunately for Facebook, he and the Hudson Concrete Polishing team know the history of Manhattan buildings, and the very nature of cement and its accompanying peculiarities.

See the amazing floors Hudson Concrete created for Facebook’s New York office as well as other photos of additional projects below. Please let us know which floor is your favorite in the comments section below.

Concrete Flooring Contractor NYC

Creative contractors like Hudson working with forward-thinking users like Facebook are leading the way.

Photos Below Are Additional Hudson Concrete Polishing Projects

Artistic Concrete NYC


Retail Store Concrete Floor NYC


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