NYC Hedge Fund Chooses Decorative Concrete Floors

Hudson Concrete Polsihing NYC

Paul Huneck owner of Hudson Concrete Polishing continues to lead the way in New York City with his signature floor style.

The one featured here are the offices of a highly successful Hedge Fund in Manhattan. This project is testimony to Hunecks eye for design and quality of each New York stained concrete floor.

These floors are in demand by celebrities for their luxury apartments, high end retail brands for their Madison Avenue stores, Corporate offices and many more.

Hudson is located in Long Island City with a showroom minutes from Manhattan via the Midtown Tunnel.

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Call their offices to set up an appointment at 718-482-0850 or visit

Hudson Concrete Manhattan

More Hudson Projects in NYC

polished concrete New York City

Petzel Gallery NYCFurniture Showroom with Cement Floor NYC



Credit Repair For Contractors – How To Fix Your Credit Score

Edward Winslow

Contact Ed Winslow at 203-762-1366 For Credit Repair for Your Business

Let me ask you. Is your low credit score preventing you from getting lines of credit with your suppliers?

Are you having difficulty buying equipment or vehicles because of your credit ranking?

Bad credit often leads to exorbitant interest rates that eat right into your profits.

Take workers compensation insurance for example. Carriers review your credit rating before they offer your rates. A less than perfect score may mean you’re paying too much for your company’s insurance coverage.

If you’re a supplier or in equipment sales, you’re also likely losing sales if your clients can’t qualify for a lease or financing.

Credit challenges can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone!

Many people today have less than perfect credit scores. In fact, the reality is that 43 million Americans have a credit score below 599.

The good news is that you can fix your credit.

Check out the short video here.


Credit Restoration For Contractors

We have partnered with FES (Financial Education Services) one of the worlds leading credit repair companies.

Click Here For More Information

How Contractors Can Fix Their Credit

Credit Restoration For Contractors80% of all credit reports have errors on them. Removing errors will increase your score.

The goal to building your credit health is to strive for a score above 720.

Most contractors can have high credit scores. The problem is, they don’t know how.

Education is one of the most important tools you can have to repair your credit and start building a long term, concrete financial foundation.


2 Credit Repair Products For Contractors

  1. United Credit – For a nominal fee you get access to view your score and your credit report. You also get access to your credit file and education to understanding the impact of secured and unsecured debts. Secured debts are backed by assets like a home mortgage, equipment or car load. Unsecured debts are credit cards. Call 203-762-1366 or visit
  2. FES Protection Plan – This is the best deal available with an incredibly low monthly fee that anyone can afford.. This includes the plan mentioned above, plus everything listed below. For details, call me at 203-762-1366.

Fico Score Breadown

Image 6

Credit Builder – Provides easy to understand explanation and education about the credit scoring system. Learn how it works and impacts your finances and freedom.

You also learn how to improve your credit score and keep it high. As well, you’ll get tips and financial budgeting tools

  • Payment History – 30% of your score is determined by your payment history for both mortgage/installment loans and Revolving Credit
  • Payment History – 15% of your score is calculated by your payment history. Learn how to manage your financials and get on the path to a debt free life. You can do it.
  • Credit Type – 10% of your score is determined by the type of credit. You can actually improve your score with credit cards with zero balances rather than cancelling them.
  • Inquiries – These account for 10% of your score. When you apply for a loan or credit card, the inquiry impacts your score. Too many inquiries have a negative impact on your score.
  • Tools and Resources – You get access most questions you have about your credit. The more you know, the more disciplined your financial plan. You also get access to sample letters sent to creditors further educating you about the process. You get samples of cease and desist letters, how to negotiate a complete removal, settlement and counter settlement letters, medical payment letters and request a late payment removal plus disputing errors on credit card bills.

Credit Attorney

Credit Attorney – Debt collectors will harass you to no end. However, they are trained to know the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They know can what they can and cannot do. If you’ve been victimized, you now have access to a solution to stop the  harassment from debt collectors.

Get Money From the Credit Reporting Agencies – Many times (In Fact, approximately 80%), blemishes on your credit report are due to errors. You could be a victim of Identity Theft, Mixed Data such as confusion between 2 people with the same name, , On Time payments reported as late, lingering Bankruptcy information. As a result, you may be entitled to monetary compensation due to emotional duress and humiliation. The Credit Attorney Service will help you.

Credit Attorney

Smart Credit – You get access to a simple credit report enabling to review your scores fast without causing an inquiry. You’ll be able to see how daily transactions are integrated into your credit report empowering you to view payment accuracy.

This is especially important for contractors. Having a tool you can log into to view the accuracy of your credit report is extremely valuable.

Credit Repair For Contractors

Identity Theft

Lifelock Identity Theft Protection – Included Plan

Once upon a time Car Theft was the rage for criminals. Today, it’s Identity Theft.

Contractors are at high risk for Identity Theft. This can ruin your credit and your business.

You may have already been a victim and not know it. You will though as soon as you need to get financing to buy new equipment or a new truck to replace the one that just died.

Imagine, you need financing immediately. You go to the car dealer to get a new pickup truck. You find out that you’re denied due to poor credit. Not your fault, your identity was hijacked.

Credit Repair For Contractors

Debt Zero

Debt Zero – Debt Reduction and Money Savings Tool

This fantastic tool provides you with a crystal clear plan to paying off all your debts, repairing your credit and developing a financial savings plan.

It works by listing all your debts and payments ranking them in order of easiest and quickest pay down.

Then as you pay down debts, you apply same payments and surplus to new debts.

You set amount and date schedules. You can project date to pay off all debts, then commence a compound interest savings plan to start building a retirement fund.

Credit Repair For Contractors

Wills, Trusts, Health Care and Financial Power of Attorney

When you subscribe to the FES Protection Plan for $87.00 per month, you can also set up your Will, Living Trust and Health and Financial Power of Attorney

Last Will – This establishes your desires for financial and personal assets. If you don’t create a Will, the court may decide as well as potential to end up in probate court for years.

Financial Power of Attorney – Name someone who can execute your financial affairs.

Healthcare Power Of Attorney – Choose someone to make health choices for you in event you cannot do yourself.

Living Trust – Establish a living trust to avoid delays of probate and protect assets from creditors.

Contact Us – Contact Ed Winslow at 203-762-1366

We provide credit repair services for individuals, small business owners and corporate accounts nationwide.


Polished Concrete Grind and Seal Rabun County Georgia

When the United Way Food Bank sought easy-to-maintain flooring that would also fit their budget, they turned to the experts at AAA Southern States Refinishing. John Dykes and his team recommended the use of polished concrete using a grind and seal floor system for beautiful concrete floors that would also be low maintenance for their volunteer staff.

Polished Concrete Floor Near Atlanta Georgia

The grind and seal process offers an economical variation of concrete polishing in demand nationwide. This process reduces labor with full protection from high performance sealers. The seal coats enhance the appearance with the added benefit of low maintenance.

About Polished Concrete Grind and Seal Project in Clayton GA

Concrete Polishing Grind and Seal Rabun County GeorgiaClient: United Way Food Bank

Contractor: AAA Southern States Refinishing

Location:  Rabun County, Town of Clayton, Georgia

Size: 39,000 square feet

Problem: Old floor difficult to maintain. VCT tile glue needed to be removed.

Solution: Polished concrete starting with 30 grit diamond blades to grind and remove VCT tile glue. Continue to polish and hone concrete to 150 grit diamond blade level.

Auto scrub floor to remove dust from floor prior to sealing floor.

Seal Coat: Applied 2 coats of Stamina Sealer. Contractor chose this sealer for high coverage rates, economy and solid protection. For information about Stamina Sealers, Click Here 

About AAA Southern States Refinishing

Located in the Atlanta Georgia area, AAA Southern States Refinishing specializes in concrete floor solutions. Projects include restaurants, commercial kitchens, retail stores, offices, warehouses, airplane hangars and more.

Products Include

Epoxy – Urethanes, polyaspartics, epoxies. From economical, thin mil systems to high performance Novalac chemical resistant coatings.

Concrete Polishing – Full polished concrete grind and seal systems.

Self Leveling and Overlays – Underlayments and decorative self leveling systems and thin cementious overlays.

Acid Stains – Stains, dyes and integral coloring services.

Moisture Mitigation – new concrete moisture vapor barriers including shotblasting, penetrating epoxy barriers and self-leveling underlayments.

Concrete Sealers Atlanta Georgia


Metallic Epoxy Floor Restoration Washington DC

Epoxy Flooring Washington DC LoveJoy Lofts

Oertel Engels Concrete Design renovated water-damaged floors at LoveJoy Lofts in Washington DC. They applied a decorative metallic epoxy floor coating as the finish.

In 2004, the property owners of LoveJoy Lofts converted the building to condo-style lofts. The property offers over 50 units ranging in size from 800 to 1,300 SF, and they sell for approximately $490 per square foot according to Zillow.

Metallic Epoxy Washington DC

Epoxy Flooring Details

Contractor: Oertel Engels Concrete Design, Ellicott City, Maryland. Contact (410) 461-9445
Project: School building converted into condos – LoveJoy Lofts
Location: 440 12th Street NE, Washington DC 20002
Size: 700 Square Feet
Problem: Plumbing pipe in an upper unit burst and flooded the residential loft. Service Masters cleaned the water damage; however, their cleaning equipment damaged the decorative acid stain concrete floor.
Solution: Oertel Engles completed the floor restoration using concrete grinding and installation of self leveling underlayment cement. Final application of designer metallic epoxy sealed with high performance clear urethane.
Products: CMP AS-100 Primer, CMT 210 Self Leveling Concrete, National Polymers metallic epoxy and urethane.
Time to Complete – 1 week.

About Oertel Engels Concrete Design

Oertel Engels, based in Ellicott City, Maryland, is a concrete company in business for the past 40 years. In addition to new concrete, they specialize in floor grinding, polishing, overlays, acid staining and epoxy coatings.

Below is another example of Metallic Epoxy Flooring by OE Concrete Design.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Washington DC


Nationwide Shipping for Concrete Countertops, Sinks and Wall Panels

Legal Seafood Bartop Boston MA

Legal Seafood Bartop Boston MA

Contact: Concrete Poetry , Peter Somers at (781) 519-9118

New products, techniques and tooling have made concrete a lightweight building material that can be customized and shipped. As a result, specialty fabrication shops are expanding with new business models to meet the demand.

Peter Somers, owner of ConcretePoetry in the Boston Massachusetts area has been investing in his business to expand into the growth of this exciting market. They not only build custom countertops and elements for local customers, but fabricate and ship nationwide too.

The Growth Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete or GFRC offers a natural appearance without the weight of traditional cement mixes. It also provides design potential that has been in demand in recent years nationwide.

GFRC may be molded into any size or design. Color choices are unlimited.

Very popular in residential homes, it is also in demand for residential lofts and apartments, retail stores, restaurants and hotels.

Legal Seafood Boston Massachusetts

The images below are custom bartops and tabletops. If you are interested in have pre-fabricated elements, 8 foot pieces or shorter are ideal for shipping.

Legal Seafood Boston Concrete Countertops

Custom Concrete Tile

This image shows custom cement tile applied to a wall. These look like a wood grain. They can be fabricated at approximately 1/4 inch thick and shipped. Customized sizes can be created.

Concrete Tile Boston Massachusetts

Wall Panels

This is an image of custom wall panels fabricated for a shower in a residential home. Custom wall panels have become popular in retail stores and office spaces.

Concrete Wall Panels Nationwide Shipping

Custom Sinks

The photo below is a custom sink fabricated for the New Hampshire State Liquor Store. Color is natural gray.

Concrete Sink NH Liquor

Residential  Countertops

Concrete counterops have been hugely popular in recent years for residential homes. Below is an example of one being installed with custom inlays for water draining.

Residential Concrete Countertop


For Home or Business Concrete or Epoxy Flooring

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