Commercial Floor Wax For Decorative Concrete Floors

Floor Wax for Decorative Concrete, Polishing and Epoxy Coatings

Industrial Floor Finish For Polished Concrete, Acid Stained Floors and Epoxy Coatings

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Concrete Floor WaxIf your epoxy, decorative concrete or tile needs a commercial floor wax finish to restore its luster, Pinks Epoxy Products and Kits offers the solution.

Their floor finish is exceptional. Over time, epoxy coatings, polished and decorative concrete floors get scratched. The scratches harbor dirt, mold & bacteria while also breaking down light reflection. This is an easy-to- use wax coat thousands nationwide utilize to restore concrete floors.

Pinks Floor Finish is not available in your local stores. In fact, most floor finish products available in stores are actually diluted with water. In most cases, you’re really buying water with a little wax.

About Pinks Commercial Floor Wax Finish

Polymer Floor Finish – One component for commercial, industrial or residential use.
High Solids – It comes in 35% solids. Depending on your floor, you may want to dilute with water 1:1.
How It Is Applied – Microfiber Mops, available in most home improvement stores, provide best results.
Maintenance – You may apply in numerous coats. No mixing. Just mop on. Dries quickly. Restores appearance fast.
High Speed Burnishing – Ideal for high-speed burnishing in schools, retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls and warehouses.
Building Protection With Layers – Numerous coats applied over time further enhances protection of floor.
Recoat – Top layers may be stripped and recoated.
Packaging – Available in 5 and 50 gallon containers.
Ordering Information – Visit or Call Pinks at 1 (800) 704-0543.

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